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The Village at Providence Point: A Leader in Environmentally Friendly Development

While most of us know that Earth Day is commemorated annually on April 22, did you know that the entire month of April is known as Earth Month? These 30 days mark a time to take part in conservation projects, from plastic clean-ups to tree plantings — while also considering individual, corporate and governmental roles and responsibilities in addressing climate change.

Everyone, from school children to older adults, can make an impact by taking part in local projects. On a corporate level, we recognize the importance of being good stewards of natural resources. That’s why The Village at Providence Point—A National Lutheran Community will be a model for sustainable, eco-friendly land development. Here are some steps we’ve taken to make that plan a reality:

Listening to the community

Going back more than a decade, some of the original proposals for the site included retail and commercial developments, but a number of local residents were concerned. National  Lutheran Communities  & Services (NLCS) listened. As a result, The Village at Providence Point will be a standalone Life Plan Community, bringing hundreds of full- and part-time jobs to the region but not contributing to school overcrowding or traffic congestion.

Protecting and preserving our forests

Our buildings are designed to blend in with their natural surroundings so that the site drives the design, rather than the design driving the site. Of the 175-acre site, approximately 124 acres will be preserved in perpetuity with a combination of conservation and onsite reforestation, while retaining as many specimen trees as possible. Other green initiatives include 62,000 square feet of green roofs, 79 rain gardens, stream restoration and 15,300 square feet of porous pavement driveways, which allows water to pass through it (reducing runoff).  

Exemplary stormwater management

Our changing climate means that once-in-a-generation storm events can be expected to come around more frequently. That’s why, in collaboration with the City and the community, we’ve developed exceptional stormwater management plans, with no expected increase in stormwater volumes or pollutant loads over the current, undeveloped site. Furthermore, several of our stormwater mitigation measures have additional benefits. Green roofs, for example, not only control stormwater runoff and retention but also help insulate their buildings more efficiently.

A long-term commitment

We believe that the development application, unanimously approved by The City of Annapolis’s Planning Commission. guarantees the sustainability of this beautiful site and meets the concerns of the local community. Residents and their visitors will enjoy strolling around our eco-friendly campus, secure in the knowledge that no future development will occur on the 175-acre site. Indeed, 124 of those acres will be held as a conservation easement to be enforced by the Scenic Rivers Land Trust.

The Village at Providence Point will continue to work in cooperation with residents and the community at large to do our part in ensuring an environment that’s beautiful, functional, and sustainable. To learn more and get full overview of our community, register to attend one of our monthly Community 101 webinars, or contact us to schedule a personal appointment with one of our sales counselors.

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