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How The Village at Providence Point Can Help Seniors Stay Mentally Healthy

With as many neurons in a single human brain as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy, the brain’s complex reputation is well earned. While the organ is not entirely understood, neuroscience has made huge leaps in understanding its processing, as well a show to improve sharpness and prolong memory. Just as vigorous aerobic exercise keeps your heart healthy, pushing your brain with cognitive exercises can help maintain memory, processing and quickness.


Certainly, there’s no shortage of brain-stretching exercises aimed at older adults, from cutting-edge smartphone apps to pen-and-paper puzzles. While these have their place, sticking strictly to solo mental workouts may not be enough. Studies show that a lack of social interaction can lead to cognitive decline. Conversely, there’s plenty of evidence that a life rich in community activities and social connections offers tremendous health benefits for both mind and body.


ConnectedLiving at Providence Point

If that’s the kind of life you envision in retirement, The Village at Providence Point–A National Lutheran Community can help. Planned for opening in 2024*, our community will take a holistic approach to wellness that we call ConnectedLiving. We aim to provide an environment that fosters growth along every dimension of wellness, giving no less priority to brain fitness, connectivity and spiritual enrichment than to physical health.

On one level, we will achieve this through our diverse and stimulating roster of onsite activities. Whether mastering new techniques in the creative arts studio, discussing a classic novel at a book club or pursuing lifelong learning, residents can constantly challenge themselves to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Besides being great fun, card and board games may also reduce cognitive decline; so, you’ll find ample opportunities to pit your wits against fellow residents’ at Scrabble and Canasta on game nights. And, because brains, like muscles, need downtime to function well, we’re intentionally building places of peace on campus, from the chapel to the shady lawns.

The power of community

The Village at Providence Point will also encourage a community of support, not only from staff, but from a resident-to-resident perspective. If there’s a one-word answer to the problem of cognitive decline, it’s probably “friendship.” In our vibrant community, you’ll find friends who may want to catch a new play in Annapolis, make up a foursome for bridge or simply chew the fat during a brisk stroll around campus. Interactions like these not only stave off loneliness but help our brains stay sharp and engaged.

Would you like to learn more about the rich possibilities of life at The Village at Providence Point? Please sign up for one of our informational webinars or contact us today for an informal chat.

*Pending final approval of the Maryland Department of Aging.

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