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How Active Aging Week Can Change Your Life

Most older adults know how important it is to stay active. However, it isn’t always easy to turn theory into practice—particularly in the wake of a pandemic that has disrupted so many routines. If you’re in search of inspiration to spark you into action, read on.

Founded in 2003, Active Aging Week is held every October. This annual campaign by the National Senior Games Association reminds us that active aging makes for healthier aging, and that’s more than physical fitness. Active Aging Week’s roster blends exercise with connection and fun, with activities ranging from scavenger hunts and tailgate parties to AQUA ZUMBA® workouts and kite flying. When you’re nurturing the whole self—body, mind and spirit—the possibilities are diverse!

Opportunities for fun and friendship

Not everyone who takes part in Active Aging Week will run a marathon or win gold at the National Senior Games, but even a small amount of extra activity can offer life-changing benefits for older adults, from greater mental sharpness to a decreased risk of falls.

Activity also brings people together. “Exercising with friends is much more fun and keeps us connected and in tune,” says Stacey Iden, ConnectedLiving Director at The Village at Orchard Ridge–A National Lutheran Community (sister community to The Village at Providence Point–A National Lutheran Community). “There’s a sense of community that comes from staying active and involved in programs and activities.”

Tailor-made activity programs

At The Village at Providence Point (planned for opening in 2024)*, every week will be an active aging week. That’s not a commitment we make lightly, which is why we’re building a state-of-the-art fitness center and planning a diverse range of wellness classes to support our programming calendar.

We also understand that older adults need more than amenities to live their fullest, most active lives. Everyone is different, and our team is dedicated to crafting tailor-made plans that enable each resident to thrive. Our ConnectedLiving philosophy is about finding creative outlets for residents to keep doing what they enjoy and opening doors for them to try something new.

ConnectedLiving is a holistic approach where opportunities to experience life are provided in all the dimensions of wellness,” says Stacey. “The team at The Village at Providence Point will make it their mission to encourage and motivate residents, making life fun for those willing to take the plunge.”

Suggestions for your journey

While our community is not yet open, we’d like to share some suggestions for this Active Aging Week. Here are our top three tips for getting active this fall:

  • Begin today! There’s no need to wait for Active Aging Week to schedule a walk with a friend, get your hands in the dirt or sign up for a restorative yoga class. Oftentimes, getting started is the hardest part, even when we’re embarking on something enjoyable. If you have your doctor’s go-ahead, kick off your fitness journey today.
  • Try a bell curve. While procrastination is the enemy to progress, over exuberance can lead to injury or burnout. When you try new hobbies, exercises or pursuits, ramp up slowly rather than taking giant leaps. By taking a bell-curve approach to something new, you allow your body and mind to adapt.
  • Explore with curiosity. Find active pursuits that you enjoy so that you look forward to doing them and they become healthy habits. When children are young, many parents encourage them to try a variety of sports and hobbies, to explore until they find something that lights them up! This is true regardless of age; we’re far more likely to persevere in an activity that we love versus one we simply tolerate.

Ready to take that plunge? If you’d like to learn more about the active lifestyle at The Village at Providence Point, sign up for one of our informational webinars, or contact us today for an informal chat.

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